10 Things to Do… in Beulah

Toss in a line!

Fishing in Beulah

Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River make Beulah a destination for great fishing!

Visit the Mercer County Museum.

Mercer County Museum

Take a walk through history and check out the rich and diverse heritage of Mercer County. Plus it’s FREE!

Take in a baseball game.

Baseball in Beulah

Goldman Field is home to the Beulah Miners and all summer league baseball games. They’re famous for their burgers with grilled onions!

Check out a book and read!

Beulah Public Library

The Beulah Public Library offers a great selection of children’s, young adults and adult reading items. Check out a book and find a quiet nook to escape into a world of words!

Go on Safari…

Wildlife Museum in Beulah

The Pfennig Wildlife Museum features animals from all over the world – giraffes, polar bears and more will great you.


4-H Program in Beulah

Beulah is home to numerous service groups and organizations. Join the Lions Club or volunteer with 4-H, youth sports, or a hospice program. Get involved!

Go golfing.

Golfing in Beulah

Traditional golf or try your hand at Frisbee golf! We’ve got both. Black Sands Golf Course or Riverside Park – all depends on if you want to take a swing or a throw at the hole!

Take a hike.

Hiking in Beulah

Whether you like to keep your feet on pavement or trek off the beaten path we’ve got options! Beulah has a great multi-use trail through town or head up the Beulah Mine Hills to explore.

Cheer on a local sports team.

Kids Baseball in Beulah

There are always activities happening in town. Take a minute, break out your pompons and get into the spirit. Cheer on the Miners!

Take a coffee break.

Coffee Break in Beulah

There are several great places to enjoy a good cup of coffee and good company. We also have to gourmet coffee shops offering up lattes and other special drinks!